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After I lost weight, I became active andpositive. I also have come to wear the clothes which I couldn’t before. Whenpeople around me told me that I became slim and beautiful, I was really happy.  I really feel the impact of losing 15 kg.

Thanks to this diet program, I also havecome to control my appetite. 

let's become happy and healthy together

The number of patients suffering from lifestyle related diseases is increasing because of high calorie and high-fat foods. 


The role of diet business is important in today’s world.I hold a seminar for people who want to incorporate

diet business to their salon or so.If you want to know the details, please feel free to ask me.  

Hitomi Kawamura 

◆◆Costomer voice◆◆ 

After I lost weight, I became active andpositive.I also have come to wear the clothes which I couldn’t before.When people around me told me that I became slim and beautiful,I was really happy.I really feel the impact of losing 15 kg.

Thanks to this diet program, I also havecome to control my appetite. 


🎶🎶🎶Contents of my diet program🎶🎶🎶

 ・Acupuncture・Counseling・No dietary restriction ・No workout・Sweets and eat out okay 

Supplement 13500 yen/month

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It's beasde on Orienntal Medicine


Obesity is increasing in recent years and many of them are struggled with many diseases and pain.To improve life quality, I will help you to have healthy body.


Healthy body make your mind stronger!  After I met oriental medicine, I have come to know the importance of food.


Since I wanted people know the correct knowledge of food, I opened diet salon when I was 47 years old.


I had more than 1,200 clients in 10 years and led them to be healthy with counseling. 


If you are interested in diet based on oriental medicine, please feel free to ask me.

S RUTENA contains all of the essential nutritions which we have to take everyday

Since our body is made from nutritions(food), only nutritions(food) can heal diseases.

 Counseling more than 30000 times

 Listener: Since Im a psychologicalcounselorI was surprisedthis number.

Isn’t that normal thing in diet business?


Kawamura:I just have been working very hard and that is the result.

I think Im the only therapistin Kansai area who did that many counseling.

You know, I have counseled so many times,

so I can tell the differencesbetween the people who can lose weight and who cant.


Listener: The difference between the people who can lose weight and who cant..?

Now, Im really curiousabout that. 

Changed from bank clerk to diet therapist <

Listener: I feel therapist seems the best job for you.

Have you beenworking as a therapist for a long time?


Kawamura: Not really. The job what I got for the first time was the bankclerk.

I found that this is not the job for me and tried to change my job severaltimes,

but I couldn’t. Because I didn’t have any qualifications and I thought I didn’t have any strong point.


Listener: I cant image that youhad such a struggling time in the past.

So how did you get the job what you have now?


Kawamura:Well, when I was working at the bank, I married and got twins.They got many diseases such as atopy and asthma.

What I did for them was just giving many medicines.

However, when my children turned 10 years old, I met this job and startedto improve the dietary habits. As a result, my children overcame from their diseases. From that, I realized that improving dietary habits is very importantfor our bodies.

My children grew up in good health and now, my son is working in Tokyo tobe a French chief and my daughter is a junior of university student and studying very hard. 



Thanks to the correct knowledge of dietary habits, my children overcame from their diseases and I succeeded to lose 8kg.  

Listener: You have noticed the importance of preventative medicine from the experiences of your children. 


Kawamura: Yes, and other than that, I had wanted to have job like this since I was 20 years old. 


However, it was hard for me to have job at that time since I had two children.


That was when I was 40 years old to have met this job finally!  

Listener: Your face looks very different from what you were talking about the time working at the bank.

  kawamura: After I got this job, I could spent time lively and thanks to the correct knowledge about the health, my physical condition improved and became more energetic. 


Listener: Working on diet with correct knowledge has a lot of advantages for us.

 You decided to do business by yourself when you were 47 years old, right? 

I think it must have required considerable courage to you. 


Kawamura: Yes, it did

However, at that time, my guarantor became bankrupt and I lost money Only thing what I had was courage. 

 I think the reason why I could open my salon was that I became healthy and positive thanks to the knowledge of correct diet. 

If we change the food, our body and mind will change.

This means that everyone can change

I really want people to know that if they change their diet habits, they can be healthier, positive and design their life what they want.


Listener: I see. I thought dieting just makes people slim. But actually, it makes people more positive and changes their lives dramatically. 


Kawamura: Yes. I have been trying to support many people who want their dreams come true and before I knew it, I counseled more than 30,000 times. 

Listener: Since its going to be more important to live healthy in todays world, the job like what you have will play a really important role for a lot of people.


Thank you for today.

 Kawamura: Thanks you so much.